1 – Cash-on-Delivery:

Customers residing within 3km of a Dalanewfarm store or authorized dealer can have their orders delivered to their specified address. Payment will be collected in cash upon delivery, after the customer is satisfied with the products and agrees to make the purchase.

Accurate recipient information, address, and phone number are required for home delivery requests. In sensitive cases such as high-value orders, evening delivery, delivery to addresses in alleys, or remote areas, our sales staff will verify and discuss the specific delivery arrangements with the customer.

2 – Bank Transfer – Delivery via Express Delivery Service:

For addresses outside the aforementioned range, customers can make a 100% advance payment for the products via one of Dalanewfarm’s bank accounts.

Once the payment is received through the bank transfer, our sales staff will directly contact the customer to confirm and schedule the delivery. Depending on the customer’s address, the delivery time may range from 12 to 72 hours.

In case of unexpected delays in delivery without prior notice, customers have the option to cancel the order, and Dalanewfarm will refund the full amount paid within 7 days.

Products with a value exceeding 20 million VND, inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) as per the regulations set by the government, require payment through bank transfer. Customers can contact our staff for detailed guidance in this matter.

3 – Pickup at Showroom/Authorized Dealer:

Customers can request to pick up the products at one of our Showrooms/Authorized dealers.

The products will be prepared within a maximum of 4 hours and held at the store for no more than 12 hours from the confirmation of the customer’s order by our sales staff.

4 – Shipping and Product Insurance Fees:

Shipping fee: Free nationwide for desk lamps specifically designed for eye protection. For other items, the shipping fee will be charged or subject to mutual agreement.

Product insurance fee: For products shipped through a third-party company with a transportation contract with Dalanewfarm, customers need to pay an insurance fee based on the product’s value. If any damage or loss occurs during transportation, customers will be compensated 100% of the product’s value at the time of sale if insurance is purchased.

5 – Other Cases:

If customers request shipping through another third party such as a transportation company, a personal connection, or a transportation entity without a direct contract with Dalanewfarm, the cost and any risks during transportation will be borne by the customer. When Dalanewfarm’s delivery staff hands over the products to the third party, both the customer and the customer’s transportation partner must confirm the transaction via phone call, SMS, or on Dalanewfarm’s delivery receipt.