1. Scope of application

Subjects of application: applicable to products sold at retail stores of Song Bill Flower and Vegetable Co., Ltd., brand name Cordyceps Dalanewfarm

2. Conditions of return

The product has not been opened and has the manufacturer’s label intact, not dented, deformed, not wet…

Time: within 05 days from the date of purchase

Eligible for manufacturer’s warranty

Products cannot be returned: the return period has expired, is no longer complete, intact, dented, product packaging is wet.


1. Objects of complaint:

As an organization or individual that uses products provided by Dalanewfarm (in special cases, customers can authorize a legal representative).

2. Complaint form:

Customers who have complaints or feedback about products provided by Dalanewfarm can complain directly at the Showrooms/Agents or indirectly by calling 02636.28.68.68, sending mail, sending texts or pictures. another way…

3. Complaint settlement principles:

SONG BILL VEGETABLES COMPANY LIMITED TRADE Dalanewfarm has the right to refuse and not to settle complaints that have no basis, evidence or are not part of the settlement unit.


Step 1. Receive and respond to complaints

All employees, units, and Showrooms of Dalanewfarm are responsible for receiving feedbacks and complaints from customers.

Send a written response to the complaint within 03 days from the date of receipt of the complaint (for complaints in writing, email, phone…) or send the customer a copy of the complaint receipt certified by the representative complaint-receiving representative if the complaint is made directly at the transaction point.

Step 2: Verify, handle

After receiving the customer’s feedback and complaints, the receiving department will actively check and resolve it within the scope of its functions and powers.

Complaints that do not fall under the handling competence of the receiving department will be coordinated to transfer to a higher level for settlement according to their competence (No more than ½ days from the date of receipt).

Step 3: Competent units and individuals to consider and settle

Units and individuals under the authority of Dalanewfarm shall check and verify customer complaint information to come to a final conclusion.

Step 4: Answer the customer:

When there are test and verification results, Dalanewfarm will respond to customers in many forms: Call, come to meet in person, send a written response, send an email……depending on the form of the initial complaint.

If the customer does not agree with the settlement result: During the next 7 days, the functional department is responsible for re-checking the complaint information and responding to the customer from the beginning.

Step 5: End the complaint

Save the file and close the complaint