Dalanewfarm conducts sales & collection services at home throughout the territory of Vietnam.

Please carefully check the goods, compare the products with the documents before receiving. In case you ask a relative to receive the goods, you still need to check the goods carefully before receiving. After successful delivery, Dalanewfarm is only responsible if there is a technical defect caused by the manufacturer (according to the Exchange/Return policy), all other cases will not be under our responsibility.

Delivery time may be slower than expected for a number of reasons such as:

Customer address is not correct, Customer is not at home.

Delivery staff can not contact customers, natural disasters, fires, …

If for the reason of Dalanewfarm, we will contact you to reschedule the delivery time later.

In case the customer has not received the goods after the expected time, please give us feedback so that we can fix it as soon as possible. During the waiting period, if you want to change your order (Change products, Don’t want to receive goods,…) but the service has not delivered, please notify us again so that we can solve the problem. decide with the transfer service



For customers who come to buy goods at the headquarters and branches of SONG BILL VEGETABLES CO., LTD with Dalanewfarm brand, you will receive goods directly at the company’s stores and branches.

Please carefully check the goods, compare the products with the vouchers, warranty cards (if any) before receiving.

You will be provided with full sales invoice documents by the sales staff; or (and) financial invoice (if requested by the customer). You have the right to ask the sales staff to provide documents if they have not been provided in a timely manner.


For customers in remote districts and provinces who buy Dalanewfarm products, they will authorize a number of delivery units such as VNPT, Viettel, or some other reputable delivery units.

When placing an order, please fill in the necessary information completely and accurately as required to facilitate us in providing goods and receiving payment quickly. We are also not responsible for late or lost deliveries due to incorrect information provided by you.

Delivery time depends on your choice of courier or regular delivery, this time is only approximate.

Express delivery: From 2 to 3 days.

Normal delivery: From 5 to 10 days.

Please check the goods carefully as soon as you receive them from the freight forwarder, if there is a problem related to the type, quality, and quantity of the goods that are not the same as in the order, you need to report it immediately. for us to coordinate


Usually, this form of delivery will apply to customers in districts and provinces far from the center to buy products with large weight and bulky; and you have acquaintances – close friends, trust in passenger cars.

Dalanewfarm will deliver the goods to you via passenger car according to the customer’s request.

Please provide information about the garage to the company (In case the customer is familiar with the garage) the information includes: Name of the garage (name of the car), Full name of the car owner (or driver, assistant), Sea vehicle number, arrival and departure time at the bus stations, … and some other information. In case, Customers do not know any garage, Dalanewfarm will directly contact the garage to make the transaction. After handing over the goods to the garage, the transportation staff will notify the customer: the name of the garage, the license plate number, the departure time by phone so that the customer can understand the information, arrange the time to receive the goods. Fit. Customers can actively contact the garage to know and arrange a pick-up time.

Please pay the full value of the order before Dalanewfarm ships the goods or the owner (home) of the passenger car will pay the entire value of the order before receiving. At the same time, you should ask the vehicle owner (the person receiving the goods from Dalanewfarm) check the goods carefully before receiving.